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  Humanitarian Relief

In view of the experience of the Network's members in addressing major traumatic events it has offered to support responses to the tragedy following the tsunamis that struck Indonesia, India, Sri Lanka, The Maldives, Somalia, Burma, Malaysia and other countries in the region.

Drawing upon the work of members including the development of advanced and strongly evidence based treatments for psychological trauma related conditions, the Network can contribute to the development of programmes that:

o Aid community recovery
o Support community leadership
o Develop appropriate responses and services to the initial intense distress associated with the tragedy
o Develop appropriate longer-term mental health responses and services.

The Network is engaged in discussions with Governments and mental health services in the region as to how best it can assist.

This website will be developed to provide links and resources for other organisations responding to the tragedy.

For enquiries by NGO's and others on the Network's contribution to support the recovery of communities affected by the tsunamis please contact David Bolton or Barney Devine on +44 28 82251500 or infor@nictt.org