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  Centre Staff

David Bolton, Centre Director

David Bolton was formerly Director of Community Care and Director of Social Work, with the Sperrin Lakeland Trust. He has over 15 years experience in disaster management, and trauma and grief related work with people who have been affected by the Troubles in Northern Ireland, and by other major and less well known tragic events.  His work in the field of post trauma support commenced following the Enniskillen Remembrance Sunday bombing in November 1987.  As a health & social services manager, he worked with others to put in place a number of initiatives for those affected by the bombing. He then led the statutory community services response to the Omagh bombing in 1998, including the establishment of the Omagh Community Trauma & Recovery Team that undertook groundbreaking assessment and therapeutic work.


Dr Kate Gillespie, Clinical Director & Cognitive Therapist

Dr Kate Gillespie is a Consultant Psychiatrist, Cognitive Therapist and trainer with over twenty years' experience. She led the cognitive therapy response to the Omagh Bomb and treated many of those traumatised by the tragedy. Dr Gillespie is a founding member of the Beck Academy of Cognitive Therapy and is respected internationally as a trainer and clinician. Her special interest areas are in complex PTSD and depression.


Barney Devine, Business Development Manager

Barney Devine has almost twenty years' experience of working in the Northern Ireland community and voluntary sector. He has a record of establishing strategic projects in a variety of sectors including community relations, community development, further and higher education, and social and economic regeneration. He led the project that developed two significant signature buildings on the site of the 1987 Enniskillen bombing.

He is currently a Trustee with the Northern Ireland Community Fund [formally Northern Ireland Voluntary Trust] and was formally an executive member of the Northern Ireland Council for Voluntary Action, committee member of the Ulster Peoples College, vice Chairman of the Northern Ireland Millennium Company and Chairman of its Diversity 21 programme.

Barney is a qualified teacher, has a Masters degree in Peace and Conflict studies through the University of Ulster and is married with two daughters


 Advisory Team

Professor David Clark at the Institute of Psychiatry at the Maudsley and Kings College, London is the Centre's clinical and research adviser, and Dr. Christine Padesky, the renowned trainer in cognitive therapy from California, USA, is the training adviser.