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  What is transformation?

A Commitment to Transformation

Speaking at the opening of the Centre in 2003, David Bolton the Centre's Director, reflected on the use of the word 'Transformation' in the title and mission of the NICTT.

"In considering the title for the new Centre, the Trustees insisted that the word 'transformation' be included.

One of the Chinese pictograms for our word 'crisis' has two meanings embedded within it - danger and opportunity. At moments of crisis, things can go either way. In response to loss, or with experiences that threaten us, or cause us to be fearful, worried or distressed, we have directional choices to make.

If we choose wisely, there is the possibility that, beyond times of great distress and experiences of loss there lies something hopeful, something settled, new or enriching. Reaching these things involves a journey, a journey of transformation. An opportunity grasped.

Whilst we could never contemplate entering willingly into the terrible things that happen in our lives, there remains the possiblity that we can say - that because of and in spite of tragedy and loss, we will discover new and good things.

Transformation as a human experience has a delicate and ephemeral substance, hard to pin down and formulate, but we know it when we see it; we know it when we experience it.

Transformation involves, and is reached through hope, through new possibilities, through struggle, journeys, new places and new relationships. It is seldom reached with ease or by accident but through question and crisis, realisation, aspiration, choosing and intention, and acceptance.

Through transformation, the grip of the past is loosened and the future is discovered. For both people and communities transformation holds the hope of incorporating the past, along with its pain, losses and injustices, into a future of rediscovered and perhaps even enriched experiences of community and of life itself.

The furniture maker takes the rough timber that has been marked by the trials the tree has experienced, and turns it into something remarkable. Likewise, beyond life's experiences of great distress, loss and injustice, beauty and wonder can be found."