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  Training Programme

The Centre is currently involved in rpoviidng a rnage of cogntive therapy and trauma related programmes.  These include:

  • The Post Graduate Diploma & Masters in Specialist Cognitve Therapy provided jointly with the University of Ulster at Magee; For futher details click here.
  • The Certificate in Cognitive Therapy Methods.  This is an 18-day programme taught by Centre staff and accredited by Edexcel as a Professional Certificate.  The Certificate has been developed with the support of CAWT.  The principal aim of the Course is to enhance the practice of health and social care staff from the statutory and non-statutory sectors.  You can read more about the Course and on the application arrangements here.  For further information please contact the Centre. 
  • Occasional short courses which are provided from time to timefor members of the public or others involved in providing emtnal health or other programmes.  If you are interested in these courses, contact the Centre.

The Centre is currently working with staff from four projects in the Health and Social Care Trusts, including a Condition Management Programme in the Southern Trust area.

The Centre staff also contribute from time to time to events, conferences etc. in relation to psychological trauma, disaster metnal heatlh and cognitive therapy.

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