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  Treatment programme

The Centre provides access to a limited number of patients each year.  We are limited by the availability of therapists.

We use a trauma focused cognitive therapy approach (one of two approaches for PTSD which is recommended by the National Institute for Clinical Excellence; NICE & PTSD www.nice.org.uk/page.aspx)

Our main catchment area is Fermanagh and West Tyrone as far North as Strabane town area and as far east as Dungannon and Cookstown.  We will also consider referrals from other sources where these have been previously agreed with referring organisations.

People can refer themselves or family members.  We also accept referrals from family doctors, community mental health teams, and other bodies including voluntary, community and self-help organisations.

We can provide the following (again subject to availability)

  1. Early Intervention for people very recently caught up in a traumatic experience
  2. Advice and guidance to members of the public and other mental health and related professionals
    a. As to how best to respond to patients or clients who have, or appear to have trauma related mental health needs and/or

    On how and where to access appropriate assessment and treatment services.

  3. Assessment and where appropriate, treatment for trauma related disorders including:
    a. PTSD
    b. Trauma related depression
    c. Other trauma related anxiety disorders
    d. Trauma related personality disorders

We will only accept a person for assessment and/or treatment where it seems that our treatment programme is best suited to their needs.  Where it seems that their needs are best considered and addressed by elsewhere, we will redirect enquirers to other services.

If the demand for treatment exceeds our capacity to provide an efficient and effective service we will temporarily close our intake of new referrals.  We will communicate with local doctors and other mental health and related services on the status of our intake capacity and criteria for referrals from time to time.

Contact the Centre if you wish to discuss making a referral to the Centre or have an enquiry about treatment.

If you think you or someone you know might have a trauma related need, ask for our leaflet "Do You Know Somebody....?" or click here.